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A brand strategy is a must-have for every business – it informs all the design decisions, directs the tone of voice and is a guidance for social media communication.
If you don’t have one, we will help you define it.
We will find out what makes your customers tick and how to share your ‘why’ in the most compelling way.
We will set the context, define what differentiates you in the market and think of your mission and value you bring into the world.
This is the foundation of all the creative work that follows and it will ensure your brand story is well-understood and concise in all the marketing channels.

Visual communication

You have only a few seconds to create a powerfull first impression.
We will create a unique and recognisable visual identity for your company or products to evoke positive emotions in your audience.
We will make sure your brand provides a ‘wow effect’ with well chosen images, patterns, colour palette, logo and fonts.
We will help you build a concise image of your brand in all your marketing channels and in line with your brand strategy.
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Content marketing

Finding the right topics for your target group can be challenging.
We will spend time to understand what your customers want to read about and what content resonates well with them.
We make sure your content is relevant and usefull and will help reach your conversion goals wether it is on your website, in social media or in your marketing materials.
We rely on data and insights to create, distribute and engage your audience.

Our proces

We listen.
We think.
We create.

Listen and understand

We start with really listening about your business and goals. We ask a lot of questions to confirm your current situation and your future vision.
Based on that we produce a brief which clearly states your expectations and our role in the project.

Research and analysis

Next, it is time for gathering information. Depending on the scope of the project, we will interview your customers or your target group or conduct a deeper market research.
Sometimes, we may need a longer workshop with you to find out more about your strenghts and possibile differentiations strategies.

Brainstorming and creation

Having all the information at hand, we get into creative proces. We brainstorm, select the best ideas and start creation.
We design, we write, we develop new website or engage in making a video.
We don’t just do fancy looking slides. However our presentations are indeed beautiful. We focus on providing tangible results.


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