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Julia Boguslavska

Sales and Business Development

The leader of every project. Immediately grasps clients’ expectations and knows how to tailor the right action plan.
People champion, who can see the best in others and unite them around common goals and ideas.
Instead of hurdles, she sees opportunities. Efficiency is her second name.
Besides marketing activities, she is also the initiator and founder and CEO of ‘Ukrainian in Poland’ foundation.
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Brand & Content Strategy

Analytical mind of halo brands.
Starts every project with truly understanding clients’ business.
She belives in marketing which is human-focused and brand communication which reflects the needs of customers.
She likes working in a structured way, relying on data, market insights and well-defined processes, also in creative tasks.
Passionate about words. When it comes to communication strives for perfection – less wording, more meaning.
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Kaja Dutka

Design & Visual Communication

Artistic soul, skilled in predicting aesthetic trends and often staying ahead of them.
A woman of few words, who is nevertheless an insightful observer of the reality.
She knows how to make a difference often putting an ‘icing on the cake’ in a project.
A source of endless inspiration and ideas.
The language she understands best is that of colours, patterns and shapes.
Because of her brands gain their unique style and identity.
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