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halo branding

Beautiful people, same as beautiful brands benefit from positive bias called halo effect. It seems unfair but people do judge the world by what they see (literally judge a book by the cover). Especially in the digital universe, visual becomes more important than verbal.
The same applies to your company. If you look good, others will attribute positive qualities to your products or services. But to be successful, you need to control the image you create in the minds of your target group.
The most obvious associations (e.g. volve means safety) are not coincidental. They are a result of many hours of analytical and creative work. And many years of concise communication. Hence – brand building.
Yet every company can do this and benefit from a strong brand. Today it is simply not enough to offer products. It is offering value what counts.
Level up your business with us.

socially engaged marketing

“Remembering that a business is here to serve, to respect, to make the world better.” Philip Kotler.
We consider socially engaged business and H2H (human to human) marketing, important concepts, especially now in the AI era. We believe that businesses should try changing the world for the better and marketing is just a tool, a powerfull tool though, to be used in order to achieve goals.
We get involved by sharing knowledge through our foundation “Ukrainka w Polsce”. The project was started to give support to ukrainian women who escaped war.
Now, as a registered foundation, it works as the educational hub where everybody can participate and become a guest trainer or speaker. The goal is to create equal opportunities for Ukrainian women in Poland, develop enterpreneurship and contribute to social security of all citizens of Poland.

We work with B2B, small e-commerce and non-profit.

Because every organisation needs to tell a compelling story.


It all starts with the first impression. Some research say that people form a judgement within 7 seconds. Positive customer experience is a key to further interaction with your business/brand. Convince them with a beautiful design and relevant communication and increase the odds of people loving what you offer. We are happy to help.

Did you know that...

73% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they love the brand.
Users react positively to attractive visual design, which makes them more tolerant of minor usability mistakes.
Beautiful things inspire positive emotional responses. Beautiful websites are usually seen as easier to use, more valuable, and more trustworthy than their badly designed counterparts.
When respondents distrusted a website, 94% of them reported that this mistrust was directly related to the site’s design elements. But when they did trust a website, they pointed to convincing texts.
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